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Brianna Novellino, a prodigious talent at the tender age of 17, is swiftly carving her path in the vibrant New York pop music scene. Her music is a captivating fusion of rock and hip-hop, a unique sound that sets her apart from the crowd. Born with a passion for music and an unwavering determination to succeed, Brianna's journey to stardom has already begun, and the world is taking notice.

Brianna's musical odyssey commenced, where she honed her craft and nurtured her extraordinary talents. 

A pivotal moment in Brianna's career came when she participated in the prestigious Yonkers Idol Competition. With unwavering commitment and a relentless work ethic, she faced fierce competition and emerged victorious as the competition's winner. This accomplishment opened doors for her, granting her the opportunity to share her enchanting voice and captivating stage presence at various special events and performances throughout Yonkers in 2023.

 Brianna's dreams extend far beyond her impressive victory at the Yonkers Idol Competition. She harbors a burning desire to create and perform her own original music while gaining invaluable insights into the intricate workings of the music industry. This aspiration has now transformed into reality as she has recently inked a promising deal with Maxim Records, a significant milestone in her budding career.

Brianna Novellino & Mayor Mike Spano

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   Fans and music enthusiasts alike eagerly anticipate Brianna Novellino's debut single, "One In A Million," set to be released in September 2023. With her distinctive sound, raw talent, and unwavering determination, Brianna is poised to make a profound impact on the music world and become a household name in the not-so-distant future. Keep an ear out for this rising star as she continues to light up the stage and inspire audiences with her music, charisma, and passion. Brianna Novellino is undoubtedly one in a million.

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