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Melo Mafioso

Melo Mafioso from Queens NY with the most unique melodies and diverse music collection is here to capture the attention, ears, and hearts of music lovers from all over the globe. 

Melo has traveled the world and gone through the highest of peaks and lowest of valleys to produce the highest quality of music possible to share with the universe. 


In the vibrant heart of New York’s indie scene, Glitter Etiquette emerges, blending the raw fervor of rock with the ethereal drift of shoegaze. Drawing from the iconic spirits of the '80s and '90s—Blur’s grit, My Bloody Valentine’s dreamy dissonance, The Smiths' melodic brooding, Smashing Pumpkins’ dynamic rage, and The Psychedelic Furs' cool detachment—they forge a rebellion in sound, a poetic revolution.

Glitter Etiquette crafts not just songs, but voyages into the essence of sound. Their music is a siren call, a spell woven in the twilight between silence and cacophony, inviting all to lose themselves in the immersive depth of their sonic sea.  

Glitter Etiquette



Jersey's Heavy Hitting natives "Shutter" identify themselves as a "Kinda Rock" Band, which only grazes what they truthfully embody. Tossing huge guitar sounds of the yesteryear, melodic yet strange vocals reminiscence of the pixies, in a blender would give you; Shutter. Their most recent EP "Fade" is only a glimpse into what is up next for these four. With an extremely anticipated release on the horizon this Fall, make sure to keep your eyes and ears open because the sky is the limit for these garden state rockers. 

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