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Brandon Hernandez



Brandon Hernandez is quickly making a name for himself in the New York "POP" music scene.  At the ripe young age of 18, Brandon has developed a unique sound that infuses rock, hip hop, and R & B. He is a recent graduate of Talent Unlimited High School and is grateful for his acting experience with Michael Keaton in the Movie "Worth" (currently being aired on Netflix). Brandon just released 5 new songs this year with Maxim Records and is eager to show the world why he loves performing live.

 Over the years he has performed in many large venues like the Appolo Theatre and the U.S Open where he had the opportunity to perform on the same set as Flo Rida, Zara Larson, and Jordan Fischer.

Brandon Hernandez is one of the most exciting independent artists going, and his journey is just getting started.

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Maxim Records US OPEN Brandon Hernandez
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